Loft Insulation
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Our Service

Loft Insulation

Reduce the amount of heat loss in your family home.


Our  Loft Installation, create a space for you to store all your personal belongings.


Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills. Loft insulation is effective for at least 40 years


  • Reduce energy bills. Light is free, after the initial installation you can sit back and watch your energy shrink in size.
  • Prevent heat loss.You will prevent up to one half of the heat generated in your home from disappearing through the roof.
  • Reduce noise.You will notice a reduction in noise coming from outside especially to the upper levels of your home.


Most types of insulation should last for at least 20 years, and in many cases they will last for much longer than this. Many varieties of loft insulation, for example, should last for at least 40 years.