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Solar Panels

Create cost-effective household energy for your family’s future.


Our solar panels or solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, create energy even from the lowest levels of sunlight. Don’t let the British summer put you off saving money, as our solar panels don’t need direct sunlight to generate energy and savings.


The average 4kWp system that we install can generate around 3,800 Kw hours of electricity a year. Which is roughly the same as the average 4 household person usage. This type of system can save more than a tonne and a half of Co2 per year. However not only will you benefit from not have to pay for electricity but you will also benefit from being paid for generating you own electricity by the feed-in tariff and could generate anywhere between £585 – £705 depending on location.


  • Reduce energy bills. Light is free, once you have paid for the initial installation you can sit back and watch your energy shrink in size.
  • Get paid to use. The Governments Feed in tariffs pays you for all the electricity you generate… Even when you use it, see the tariffs here.
  • Get paid to generate. If you produce excess energy you can sell the excess back to the grid using the Feed-in Tariff.
  • Be green. The average home can save more that one and a half tonnes of Co2 production a year!
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More Info

All stats and figures are taken from the Energy Saving Trust website and can be found here: Energy Saving Trust.


We offer 10 years Warranty on all our Solar Panels.


Solar Panels

We use LG solar panels for all our installation. Unlike conventional solar panels the LG Neon 2 creates more energy whilst using less space. The sleek black design is discrete, durable and can withstand front and rear load meaning they can withstand hurricane-speed winds.